The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday April 2, at 7 PM.  If you did not receive a letter in the mail, see the Owner information page for further detail or contact our association manager, Kendra Whitaker.

The 2018 annual meeting was held March 28, 2018 at 7 PM at Brinker Elementary.  Thanks for your involvement – the  quorum necessary to conduct the meeting attended or was represented by proxy.

We also need volunteers to be candidates for the Board and committees.  Here are the annual meeting documents

Homeowners Association Role and Duty

The Windhaven Farm 2 HOA’s roles and duties are:

  • Maintain standards and appearance of the community for architectural changes to the exterior of homes.  This includes any additions, paint colors, brick and stone materials, fences, roofing materials and landscaping that must be approved by the Architectural Committee.
  • To maintain common areas, including trees and flower beds at our 7 entrances.
  • Address neighborhood issues, including  property maintenance, city standards, parking and objects visible to neighbors.
  • Interface with the City re their responsibility for streets, sidewalks and screening walls.

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Windhaven Farm Neighborhood

The map above shows the streets in Windhaven Farm II-VI. Most of the homes were built between 1993 and 2000.  We are in Plano Independent School District and fortunate to have most of our schools adjoining our neighborhood, including Brinker Elementary School, Renner Middle School and Plano West Senior High School.   Area 9th and 10th graders attend Shepton High School.  We also have the City of Plano Muehlenbeck Recreation Center, offering a complete fitness center, game courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and meeting facilities adjoining our neighborhood.

Here is a link to our neighboring association, Windhaven I HOA.   Windhaven I is a separate association.


Our Management Company

Our management company maintains a website for our association that can be used to contact them directly to report issues in the neighborhood, submit architectural requests for additions, new roofs and fences, and to make electronic payments for annual homeowners dues.  The management company is First Service Residential, the property manager is Kendra Whitaker and the local telephone number is: 214-451-4520. The FSR webpage for Windhaven Farm II-VI can be found at the following link.   A 24 hour call center is available to take your calls at 877-378-2388.

New Roof, Fence, Other changes?

The form for ARCHITECTURAL APPROVALS can be found here and should be submitted directly to FSR Residential.  See the Owner Information page for details and guidance on our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

Realtors – For resale certificates Go to FSR’s website (, on the right side click on link for “order documents and certificates.”


If you notice any broken sprinkler heads in the common areas, please contact FirstService at their 24-hour line 877-378-2388 or their local number (214) 871-9700 and follow the prompt for the emergency manager.

Articles of incorporation as amended can be found here (Our legal name was amended to: Windhaven Farm Homeowners Association, Inc.).  on the Owner Information page you can find excerpts of these legal documents that include the 1998 restated covenants,  conditions and restrictions and the most significant of those provisions as they relate to architectural changes and improvements.

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Register for Access to HOA Documents

Homeowners, register with us for access to the restricted areas of this site.  See the Owner Information pages for more information on our association.  By signing up you will automatically receive our periodic newsletters.  Included in the member only pages are event information, area alerts, board contact information, budgets, financial statements and past newsletters.   We also encourage you to signup for Nextdoor for our neighborhood which is used by area residents to post information, services and other local interest items